Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Praise God, Earlier Flight!!!

Well the prayers you all lifted up yesterday must have helped.  We got moved to an earlier flight, we think, from Amsterdam to Detroit.  This does NOT put us home any earlier than scheduled but gives us 4 hours in Detroit to get through customs.  I would much rather have the 4 hour layover in Detroit than our original 6 hour layover in Amsterdam. 
I don't know that I will get a chance to blog again before we get home.  I will try and blog once we are through customs and settled in Detroit.  I am so ready for unsweet ice tea.  There is no such thing as ice tea over here but we couldn't drink with ice anyway.
Sarah and I both are experiencing minor health issues.  Nothing outside of what some in our group have had and nothing that we didn't expect.  It's still not fun though.  It's basically a stomach bug.  We either ate something we shouldn't or got some water from here in our system.  Anyway pray we make is safely home and arrive at 4:40 tomorow!!!!!!!  Let the countdown begin!!

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