Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mixed Bag of News

Well a mixed bag of news to report on the adoption front. First piece of news is we got new photographs and an updated health report yesterday. He is so cute. It's really amazing how you can look at someone you've never met and have so much love for him. He really is cute and we can't wait to get him home. As far as health goes they report he is doing great and he continues to be on the top of the growth charts. He actually doesn't even register on the Ethiopian growth charts he's so big. He's in the 90th percentile for length here in America. Basketball player maybe?

The not so good news is what continues to happen in the court system in Ethiopia. Without going into details on such a public forum a lot of families are facing the same situaion we are as far as completing the adoption. Two families from our agency went to court yesterday. One passed, one didn't. Both had the same situation we had and one was taken care of the other one wasn't. We are not even sure if the other one can be take care of and we fear that could be us. That being said we are confident that eventually it will all be taken care of but we fear another delay. All that to say we still have 36 days until we go to court so hopefully it will all work out. It's not like here in America where we can get these things worked out. Things work completely different over there. We just ask for prayers to make it happen. He will be home soon!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

This post is way overdue so I apologize for not getting it up sooner.

Leah is much better. Praise the Lord that our prayers were answered. Thank you all very much for your prayers, thoughts, and letter. While we still aren't sure what exactly is causing the pneumonia she is much better now. They're going to run a few tests over the next few weeks so pray that they find nothing serious but that we do find out the cause of the problem. One potential problem is up on craiglist. 2 wonderful cats. We lover our cats very dearly and would love to keep them but if they are causing Leah trouble we need to get rid of them. If you would be interested in providing a good home for them please let us know. They do need to be kept inside and are on a diet of only dry food and water. They are very low maintenance and very kid friendly. If you are interested or know anyone else who would be we are desperately seeking a good home for them.

Nothing much new on the adoption front. Our agency is working hard on the new requirements and we'll see how they do. There are several court cases between now and ours, including at least one tomorrow so hopefully it will be smooth sailing for us. Waiting is so hard right now. There are times that I will go almost a day and it not cross my mind much and then there are days where he is all I think about and we can't wait to hold him. Only 38 days until our next court date.

Christmas is only 2 weeks away. Both of our families have cut back some on the gifts we are exchangin and to be totally honest it is big blessing. Christmas shopping was way simplified this year and we haven't been going 90 mph this year.

We have some ice/snow/sleet today. Nothing much at all but definitely can get you in the Christmas spirit.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Prayer Request

Please pray for our daughter Leah right now. Leah is very sick with double pneumonia. What a conincidence since a couple of weeks ago we dealt with this with Malachi! She is on antibiotics and goes back to the doctor on Wednesday and if she's not better then they will admit her to the hospital. Scary but we are confident that God will heal her body and take care of her. Please pray that she will heal soon and God will wrap himself around her!