Saturday, February 14, 2009


Well we are home and doing GREAT. I'll post details yet but thought I would throw out some pics first.



Sara Corman said...

Welcome home! He is ADORABLE!!

Chandra said...

OMG He is SOOOOOOOOO adorable! Look at those gorgeous eyes! Welcome home, can't wait to hear more about your little man and see more photos!

Staci said...

Can't wait to meet Malichi in person! :) So glad to hear that you made it home safe and sound and things are going well at home. See you soon!


Christa Bertram said...

Your son is so wonderful!!! Welcome home and thank you so much for blogging while you were in country. We looked for your posts every evening and they were great. I can't wait to be there myself.
Your HOLT friends,
Christa & Lynn

Meredith said...

He's so cute. :) Matt made a video of all the pictures he took (I think he sent you an e-mail about posting to You Tube) - I'll bring you a CD tomorrow.