Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One Day Left

It's with very bittersweet emotions that we are down to one last day.  The trip has been incredible and life chaning on so many fronts but in so many ways we are so ready to get one.  Number one reason is to see Leah.  We can't wait to talk off the airport and see her. 
Today was a VERY emotional day.  We started out with a farewell party for all the kids at the care center.  All the parents had to take a turn saying something and as you can guess that became quite emotional.  The care center staff put together quite the part including cake, cookies, and a traditional coffee ceremony.  The care center staff clearly love the kids and it shows. 
After the farewell party we actually left the kids for a few hours while we finished up our shopping.  Sounds confusing we know!!  We got lots of great stuff.  We bought a ton of stuff to share with Malachi over the years and we so hope that we can show him how to appreciate his culture. 
After the shopping trip we had to go pick him up from the care center for the last time.  Talk about gut wrenching.  Words can't begin to express the love the nannies have for the kids and it was so hard for them to let him go and so hard for us to take him away at the same time. 
Tomorrow is a day of rest and packing and gearing up for our 20 plus hour flight home.  PLEASE pray for traveling mercies.  God has been so good to us so far on this trip and we ask that He give us another great round of flights.  Specifically pray for our flight through Detroit.  We currently only have 1 1/2 hours to get through customs and onboard our next flight.  We are trying to change it to allow us more time and still get home on schedule at 4:40.  We are scheduled to get home at 4:40.  Several of you have asked and we welcome anyone at the airport that wishes to see us home.  If for some reason we have a change in plans we will TRY and blog asap so no one goes to the airport and we aren't there.  Again, please pray that all goes well.  We so badly want to get home and want nothing to get in the way of us getting home. 
Thank you guys all for sharing this journey with us.  Hopefully soon we can put into words what this trip has meant to us and all we have learned through this whole process.  It's been amazing.   

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