Monday, March 9, 2009


Survival basically sums up our past couple of weeks. On the adoption front things have gone wonderfully. Malachi is dearly attached to Sarah and that is awesome. He cries if she leaves the room and wants her to hold him all the time. If dad comes through the room and doesn't stop and talk he doesn't like that either. Leah has done awesome with being a big sister. There are a few moments of jealousy but she loves her brother so much and always wants to sit on the ground and hold him and then she pushes him on the floor. She better get her licks in now because I have a feeling he will be a big boy and it won't be too much longer until he can walk and is bigger than her. It's been pretty cool to see them interact with each other. Malachi pretty much sleeps through the night about 1/2 the time and the other 1/2 he wakes up once a night. Not bad. We have been blessed with easy children. It's amazing though the difference between 1 and 2. We have easy children but it still completely changes things!! For the good though!!

Our health is the area we have been struggling with the past couple of weeks. First of all Malachi came home with giardia. That is basically a strong stomach bug that takes antibiotics to get rid of. Sarah then came down with MRSA staph infection, who knows where she got that at. They gave her incredibly strong antibitotics to get rid of that which caused allergic reactions among other things. Then Leah developed some bacteria which was basically another stomach but that did clear up by itself. Then Sarah caught that stomach bug. All in all NOT fun. We spend one whole day in the emergency room with one of the illnesses. EIGHT hours in the emergency room. Again NOT fun. Then tonight Leah starts running a temperature. What is this????? We are so ready to be a healthy family of four. We know this will pass but are ready for it now and want to open our windows and air out our house.

Back to the adoption front it's amazing how that all works out. Some people wonder if they can love a child that isn't their "own". I can tell you with out a doubt that we 100% love Malachi as much as Leah. As I was putting him down tonight it hit me how we truly consider him one of us. Even though his skin color is different and he came from 1/2 way around the world he is truly ours. Adoption is just amazing as birth I believe. Malachi was chosen to be our son and we had to jump through so many hurdles and hoops and paperwork but it all worked out just like God had planned. Our move last February slowed us down by several weeks in getting our paperwork done, our home study took longer to get reviewed than it should have, and many other things along the way we considered little bumps but as it turns out they were all Gods way of matching us with the most perfect son. We truly are blessed with our 2 children. Wouldn't trade them for the world!!

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Christa Bertram said...

So great to hear from you and we are glad all is well with the adoption. I've been checking (stalking)the blog daily for updates. Now get healthy and have a wonderful life together.
Sweet Blessings,
Christa & Lynn (HOLT friends)